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Mission Statement

UChicago International Development Society is an academic, professional, and social organization that seeks to promote interest and engagement in international development. Our goal is to achieve this by providing students a space to learn various skills, engage with experts, and add to dialogue regarding developmental issues.

Our cohort members undergo a 2-quarter educational curriculum, covering the academic and professional side of the international development sphere. Cohort members are taught academic skills, such as data analysis with R and Stata, as well as how to write policy briefs and scholarly journal articles. In addition, we provide members with opportunities to work with NGOs, write for policy journals, and network with leaders in the field.

In addition, we hold a Speaker Series, comprised of regular, virtual guest speaker events that are open to the general public. Past guest speakers include Professor Michael Kremer, Nobel Laureate; Professor James Robinson, author of Why Nations Fail; Dhruva Bhat, Rhodes Scholar; and Woochong Um, Director-General of ADB’s Sustainable Development and Climate Change Department.

Through a partnership with DAI, we are also hosting an inaugural policy case competition that is open to undergraduates across the globe.

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Our Story

The University of Chicago International Development Society was founded by Devang Laddha and Sparsh Jain in 2020. In January 2021, we officially achieved Registered Student Organization status.

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